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"For now, we can only wait until he tells us.." Chen Ting whispered lowly as Xin Ya slowly nodded. They watched until Chen Mu had driven off far out of their sight before heading to bed.


She turned around and saw his affectionate filled gaze watching her. Blinking innocently for a few times, she walked in front of him and waved, "Helllo? Anyone home? Home to Chen Mu~~"


"Hahhh.. ahhhhh.nnn..." She moved her body for his fingers to slide in and out of her tightness. Seeing her thrust her hips against his tightly wrapped fingers and watching it penetrate her vagina made his erection even harder.


"What a smooth talker. Heh. Hurry and finish your food or you'll be late for work." She reminded him that he had twenty minutes left for breakfast before he has to get ready for work.


Chen Mu's assistant did what he was told and brought Yin Zin Leung and Karen to Chen Mu's office. After they had entered, his assistant left quickly after sensing a strong tension lingering in the deadly atmosphere in the office. It was as if an extra inhalation in the room would spike through his organs and melt his blood in molten lava.


"There, all good," her thumb rubbed his lips back and forth while her smile was obvious on her face. He chuckled and hugged her close, "Do you remember our first kiss?"

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"Mmm.. not telling you. This is personally designed by me to you. If you look careful enough into the lights, you would see our names engraved in the Aurora lights." He hugged her by her waist and pointed to the lower left side of the lights.


Susu and Lily couldn't process the words that they've just heard. They were shocked and stood still as a statue by the bed as Ariana cried out the pain that she's been holding back all these years. Lin Que had his arms crossed with obvious tight fists hiding between his arms. Chen Nan's voice was steady until he started telling his story.


Since he finally reunited with Shi Xue, he wasn't going to easily back down from finding out anything that may be related to her attack.


"NNghghghpphh!!" Kitty interrupted their conversation and slammed her tied legs and arms to everything around her. When all eyes were concentrated on her, she realized that she made another naive move.


"Doctor Chen Nan, how are you doing?" Professor Luo Xia got up from his seat to give the middle aged man a hug.


Karen shook her head with tears streaming down her unevenly split scar; stinging the wound. "Did you know that I did everything just to lure you out and here I thought, wow! I could get away from them. I'm being poisoned and these two men dragged me into your boutique. They said I could take revenge for myself before heading back to that lady, who tortured me. The main culprit was you for trying to scheme against someone you have no knowledge of harming!"


He spun her once and pulled her to his embrace as they continued dancing, "Oh? Seems like our hearts are connected, my dear. Don't you think I deserve a kiss?"



Kitty cried, "I don't know anything! I just got the drug from Karen, and she told me that Susu wouldn't die! She told me those were vitamins to make Susu overdose or something. I never thought that it would get this bad! I never-"



"No. We've gone to several possible entrances and mapped out the routes. Once we got close to the gate, our device stopped working completely. No signals." Chen Nan shook his head.


That smile, that kiss, and that loving voice that she used to confess to him almost gave him a heart attack. It took him by surprise. So surprising that he pinched his own cheeks to make sure it hurt. So surprising that he touched her face, watched and heard the girl's mouth repeat, "Chen Mu. I love you too. Should we try dating?"


"We...will dock in half an hour. Long story short, we scooped up a seaweed covered looking corpse and it turned out to be a girl. Zhi Hei just tossed everyone's hearts down the ocean and marinated them as he held the girl in his arms and headed back to his room. Clarification, I am not part of those broken hearts, but your patient may be his future mistress. Just saying."

  • Lily wiped her wet eyes and controlled her tears from falling, "So, don't feel upset because she didn't tell you about it yet. She will eventually say it. Just give her some time."
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